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New Balance on track for digital transformation

By Retail Technology | Wednesday October 28 2020

Sportswear leader New Balance is deploying a suite a cloud-based applications to modernise its customer experience

New Balance is deploying Aptos technology that will touch nearly every aspect of its retail operations from how the company engages with shoppers (POS, CRM) to how orders are captured and fulfilled (OMS) to how inventory is planned and managed across channels (Merchandise Planning, Merchandising).

Data solutions, such as Aptos Analytics and Sales Audit, will ensure one version of the truth across its enterprise and that highly effective, data-driven decisions can be made. 

The company will also adopt Aptos ONE, a microservices-based SaaS platform that was built from the ground up to be cloud-native and mobile-first, leveraging a microservices architecture that allows retailers to quickly deploy new capabilities.  

Stephanie Smith, VP of retail, North America, at New Balance, said: “The same energy and passion that we invest in our products, people and communities can be found in our commitment to offering modern, differentiated and highly satisfying customer experiences.”



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