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Brands choose digital transformation partner

By Retail Technology | Sunday November 1 2020

Clothing and accessory brands Vera Bradley and Groupe Dynamite, and furniture brand Lovesac, have chosen a new digital transformation partner

All three companies have chosen Signifyd to provide commerce protection and order flow automaton with Signifyd’s Commerce Protection Platform.

Signifyd’s Commerce Protection Platform provides three primary solutions Revenue Protection, Abuse Prevention and Payments Compliance - which provides a Seamless SCA solution and future-proofs a merchant’s payment systems in the face of evolving regulations, such as PSD2 in Europe.

Donna Dellomo, EVP and CFO at Lovesac, said: “Our operational pivot to focus on digital channels while showrooms were closed or operating in a limited fashion was very effective. With Signifyd working behind the scenes, we could ensure that every legitimate customer that wanted to purchase a product could. Checkout would never be delayed and the customer experience would always remain top notch.”