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Dunelm upgrades to meet digital demand

By Retail Technology | Wednesday December 9 2020

Home furnishings retailer Dunelm has re-platformed its ecommerce business to meet rising digital demand from customers

Since re-platforming with Fastly's edge cloud platform, Dunelm’s team has reported a 900% increase in web page load speeds, resulting in a 23% lift in basket performance.

Furthermore, Dunelm’s software engineers can now make over 200 software deployments each month, compared with just one previously.

As a result, Dunelm’s engineering team is able to create, and continually improve upon, new digital shopping experiences amid increased popularity of online retail services.

Customer experiences

Dunelm’s team determined Fastly was best placed to support its requirements across several criteria. Fastly’s Developer Hub, which makes it simpler for engineers to find the tools they need, was attractive to the 200-strong team. Because it is highly configurable, Fastly’s edge cloud platform is able to support Dunelm’s ambition to deliver highly personalised customer experiences. Meanwhile, Fastly’s API gives engineers programmatic access to innovative services, including its Image Optimizer, which allows Dunelm to deliver 100,000+ product images, optimised for device and connection speed.

Security was another key consideration when Dunelm was looking to re-platform.

Tom Hayman, head of platform engineering, at Dunelm, said: “Put simply, Fastly makes it easier for us to enable WAF and DDoS protection because it’s built directly into the network.”







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