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Thompson & Morgan to grow online

By Retail Technology | Friday December 11 2020 | UPDATED 11.12.20

Gardening retailer Thompson & Morgan has signed a new digital technology partner to boost online efficiency and sales

Thompson & Morgan is using digital customer experts Lokulus to manage the volume of interactions that reach its contact centre as well as an enhancing the customer experience.

As the UK’s largest mail order seed and plant company dating back to 1855, Thompson & Morgan has updated its systems and platforms, which now includes Lokulus’ technology to add further integration across the business.

They will install Lokulus’s flagship product, Spectra, across all channels to give the team a single agent view; displaying all channels of communication, back office systems integration and CTI enrichment onto a single workspace.

Efficiency gains

The business will take advantage of the product’s automation and artificial intelligence capabilities to drive efficiency across the business, with a conservative forecast in efficiency gains of 25 – 50% over the coming months.

Melanie Wood, joint MD at Thompson & Morgan, said: “Our market is influenced by seasonal demand in line with growing seasons, so finding the optimal balance between having enough operational capacity to meet demand spikes, and enhancing the customer experience during these busy periods is key for us. Having worked with Lokulus before, we are confident in their products and look forward to seeing the results for both us and our customers.”


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