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Bob Martin integrates new platform

By Retail Technology | Friday January 8 2021

Pet products brand Bob Martin (UK) has improved sales processes and cash flow with a new platform

Bob Martin has installed Codeless Platforms’ BPA Platform to integrate its SYSPRO ERP system with TrueCommerce EDI.

The company is also using BPA Platform to integrate SYSPRO with Microsoft Dynamics NAV following its acquisition by Pets Choice.

Pets Choice acquired the Bob Martin healthcare factory and Bob Martin brand licence in November 2019. As a transactional business, it was imperative that customer orders could be processed swiftly and easily, therefore its business systems needed to be updated to accommodate the merger. The company required a solution that could transfer orders from customers in the retail sector via TrueCommerce EDI, into a language that SYSPRO could process.

Andrew Cooke, CFO/COO Bob Martin and CFO Pets Choice Limited, said: “BPA Platform checks for new transactions continuously, ensuring we’re efficient in our processing timeframes to keep customers happy. This data transformation and automation element is used by us for at least fifteen of our customers, including all major UK grocers.”