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Meadow to milk e-customs software post-Brexit

By Retail Technology | Thursday January 14 2021

Dairy products supplier Meadow Foods is preparing for Brexit with new e-customs software

In order to continue ‘business as usual’ post-Brexit, Meadow Foods will utilise Descartes’ e-customs solution to manage an estimated ten-fold increase in export declarations to Europe.

Gary Marshall, IT director, Meadow Foods, said: “While there has been much uncertainty around Brexit and the implications that it will have on businesses, one thing we do know is that the number of mandatory customs declarations will increase.”

As an organisation that regularly exports to Europe and Ireland, preparing ahead of time for an anticipated ten-fold increase in export customs entries was essential to Meadow to ensure that they prevented any unnecessary supply chain hold-ups and thereby maintained its customer relationships and reputation.

Descartes’ e-custom solution is also able to interface with Meadow’s ExportMaster ShipShape system, streamlining the process in-house and savingcost and time.