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Helly Hansen develops despite COVID-19

By Retail Technology | Thursday January 21 2021

During the disruptions of the COVID-19 pandemic, outdoor performance brand Helly Hansen was able to save time during its product development process with new tech

Helly Hansen quickly created and reviewed 3D samples created within Centric Software’s Product Lifecycle Management (PLM).

The country implemented Centric PLM in just six months while also merging with the recently acquired MUSTO. One of the biggest initial benefits for Helly Hansen was the ability to get both brands onto one platform very quickly.

In addition, at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic with social distancing imposed and travel halted, it was difficult to review physical samples, with sample production severely delayed, or even cancelled altogether.

3D functionality

However, with innovative digital solutions provided by Centric PLM and 3D Connect technology giving expanded 3D functionality to PLM users, Helly Hansen has been able to adapt to recent market disruptions, improving the efficiency of its communications across different departments, particularly around sample production.

There was also the added benefit of becoming more sustainable in the process and reducing their carbon footprint due to a decreased need for physical samples, reduced shipping, material waste, etc.


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