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Henkel enhances workforce digital skills

By Retail Technology | Monday February 1 2021

Consumer brands giant Henkel is growing digital skills among its workforce to better respond to customer demands

Accenture has collaborated on the program which has seen Henkel employees complete more than 215,000 training courses on the new system.

In addition, the application process for external candidates has been reduced from around 30 minutes to 60 seconds, and external applications have increased by 40%.

"Developing the best products for our customers requires that our people have the digital skills and knowledge to respond to change quickly and effectively,” said Sylvie Nicol, Henkel’s executive vice president for human resources and infrastructure services. “Lifelong learning and digital upskilling are now key elements of our culture and long-term growth plans — not just a momentary answer to an HR or recruiting issue. They’re motivating and giving our teams the confidence to grow together.”

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