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Cofares prescribes order management

By Retail Technology | Tuesday April 6 2021 | UPDATED 06.04.21

Spanish pharmaceuticals distributor Cofares has rolled out a new Distributed Order Management platform

The new Cofares platform from Fluent Commerce will give pharmacists a single view of their inventory and provides customers with more convenient delivery and collection options.

Cofares made the decision at the end of 2019 that they wanted to replace their existing portal, where only pharmacists could order supplies from, to a new ecommerce platform which both customers and pharmacists could use and be able to choose how those products were delivered to them.

Spanish customers today now have the option of buying over the counter products and health products from a Cofares pharmacy and having those goods delivered to their homes or they can Click and Collect. The Fluent Commerce Order Management platform enables the pharmacies to fulfil those orders from their stores (as they have a real-time view of inventory) and they can also process returns of any products bought online, easily in-store.

“We wanted a new cloud-based platform that was easy for our pharmacists and customers to use, that we could implement and roll out and didn’t require heavy customisation…we got that reassurance,” said Fernando Monfort, head of ecommerce, Cofares.