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Specsavers envisions modernisation

By Retail Technology | Monday June 21 2021 | UPDATED 19.06.21

Optician and glasses retailer Specsavers has selected its partner in modernising technology capabilities

Specsavers’ new strategic agreement with Accenture builds on an existing relationship between the two organisations and calls for Accenture, working closely with Microsoft, to modernise Specsavers’ legacy IT architecture with cloud, intelligent automation and security solutions.

This will drive service improvements and increase automation to reduce IT incidents and lower the total cost of IT ownership through systems consolidation.

It will also strengthen security and compliance to rapidly adapt to changing cyber defence, data and privacy needs.


Modernising its IT infrastructure will enable Specsavers to respond to business change with greater speed and agility, providing improved resilience as it recovers from the pandemic and expands its services.

Adrian Thompson, global CIO of Specsavers, said: “By building on our long-standing relationship with Accenture, we can further benefit from the power of its technology capabilities and expertise to drive efficiencies across our business, deliver an improved experience and seize new opportunities for growth”.


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