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Lush smells success with tech upgrade

By Retail Technology | Monday July 19 2021 | UPDATED 18.07.21

Cosmetics and soap retailer Lush has selected new technology for data security, scalability and future growth

With the company and its data growing at a rapid pace, Brad Candy, head of IT at Lush Digital, began to re-evaluate its backup needs.

While Lush did have a solution in place, it was becoming increasingly costly to maintain and required the use of different third-party technologies.

With the goal of lowering costs and standardising around backup solutions provider Veeam, Candy began looking into alternatives on the market.

Data protection

As a five-time Veeam Impact Cloud and Service Provider Partner winner and three-time Veeam Innovation Award winner, iland represented a perfect fit for Lush. With iland Secure Cloud Backup for Veeam Cloud Connect, Lush got a fully integrated, secure solution for no-compromise, data protection all managed through a unified console. It also came at a fifth of the cost as their existing solution.

“iland just blows everyone away. I don’t know what they do, but there is some sort of magic going on in the background that keeps costs down and the quality up,” said Candy.

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