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7-Eleven expands Mobile Checkout

By Retail Technology | Friday July 23 2021

US convenience store 7-Eleven has expanded its new Mobile Checkout contactless shopping solution to an additional 2,500+ stores across the country

Mobile Checkout is now available in more than 3,000 participating 7-Eleven stores in 32 states including Washington, DC.

The frictionless shopping experience is a benefit of 7-Eleven's award-winning 7Rewards® loyalty program where members can earn and redeem points on product purchases and receive coupons and promotional pricing.

As an incentive to try Mobile Checkout, for a limited time, 7-Eleven is offering 10x the rewards points for every purchase made using the new feature in the app.

"After over a year of living through the pandemic, Americans have a new perception of what convenience looks like. For many, it's a contactless shopping experience without waiting in line," said 7-Eleven digital SVP Raghu Mahadevan.

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