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Huel turns to analytics

By Retail Technology | Wednesday September 8 2021 | UPDATED 08.09.21

Nutritional food brand Huel is using a new analytics platform to enhance its digital experience

Switching from traditional analytics tools to Contentsquare has enabled Huel to unlock deeper customer insights and a sophisticated understanding of user journeys that is critical to increasing customer engagement.

Huel is not just focusing on conversion rates, but on how it can encourage more customers to try more of the product range, increasing Average Order Value, and what they can do in its subscription areas to improve retention and reduce churn.

“We knew what was happening on our site, we had also implemented a new experimentation tool, but there was a gap between the two. Contentsquare brings us the why. It fills in that gap so we have insight into explaining why our customers behave the way they do, or why an experiment wins or fails,” said Huel CTO Ollie Scheers.





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