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Dunelm stops theft with new tech

By Retail Technology | Friday September 24 2021 | UPDATED 24.09.21

Home accessories retailer Dunelm is taking action against shoplifters with a new headset feature

Dunelm is rolling out a new feature to colleagues’ VoCoVo headsets, empowering shop floor staff to take discreet action to deter would-be thieves.

Protecting in-store colleagues is of paramount importance to Dunelm’s security team and recognising the important role communication can play in supporting security measures, Dunelm identified a gap in its current systems.

With VoCoVo headsets already in use throughout Dunelm’s UK stores, the two companies worked together closely to introduce a new security function to empower workers to take action against shoplifters and prevent inventory loss.


This upgrade to the headsets, unique to Dunelm’s stores at present, enables colleagues to issue a pre-recorded tannoy announcement at the push of a button, reminding shoppers of the in-store security measures in place and deterring would-be thieves.

Following the success of initial trials at two locations, this feature has now been rolled out across 100 UK Dunelm stores.

Since its introduction earlier this year, Dunelm colleagues have become more confident to react quickly and decisively to any suspicious activities.

Martin Dunn, security and loss prevention manager at Dunelm, said: “So far, the feedback from stores has been hugely positive and, on hearing the announcement, we’ve seen many incidents of would-be shoplifters leaving the store empty-handed without needing to be confronted by in-store teams.”

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