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By Retail Technology | Wednesday October 13 2021 | UPDATED 13.10.21

Online lighting retailer has brightened up its omnichannel marketing with a new tech partnership

The move consolidates all of Bulbs’ marketing channels into a single platform courtesy of Emarsys, enhancing the organisation’s ability to coordinate cohesive customer journeys from first-contact to checkout and beyond. sought to improve differentiation between audiences that require a unique experience in an industry where segments can easily become muddied.

Guaranteeing a suitable customer experience and the right specialist resources – for example, not sending an industrial lighter to replace kitchen lamps – is paramount.

Despite only signing a contract in May, has already been able to define customer journeys more clearly, improving search engine marketing (SEM) and customer segmentation. The move to an omnichannel platform rather than a new ESP system has centralised the data of all of these audiences from four or five disparate systems, clarifying which customers need which solution.


On top of this, superior automation tools have made it much easier to create triggered marketing automations for these segments, personalised to genuinely reflect behaviour and preference of each individual. Personalised emails and workflows are now being delivered far quicker than before, while the website can now tie email and advert together to create a cohesive journey.

Gregg Walker, VP of ecommerce,, said: “Partnering with Emarsys not only brought our email capabilities back up to speed, but allowed us to consolidate them as part of a cohesive, centralised strategy that makes things easier for everyone.”

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