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Bodum cooks up online move

By Retail Technology | Tuesday February 15 2022 | UPDATED 15.02.22

Household and kitchen accessories brand Bodum is using new software to adapt to its rapid shift online

Bodum had a strong network selling its products through thousands of retailers, but overnight, the pandemic changed all that.

With the majority of customers now ordering from their mobiles directly on its website, Bodum sought to find the right partner to quickly build a seamless online experience.

Working with Stripe, Bodum created a sophisticated customer journey on both desktop and mobile. Integrating Stripe Elements—which helps businesses create the exact payment experience they want with just a few lines of code—Bodum was able to instantly accept credit cards and dynamically offer the preferred payment methods for its customers in Belgium (Bancontact) and the Netherlands (iDeal).

Peter Bodum, Bodum ecommerce manager, said: “Stripe helped us respond quickly to the complex challenges that the pandemic threw our way. We had to pivot our business to meet increased online demand and set our system up in less than a month.”