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Dior launches influencer chatbot

By Retail Technology | Monday May 9 2022 | UPDATED 08.05.22

Global beauty brand Dior is to create an industry-first luxury influencer chatbot

Dior has teamed with Infobip to launch a unique WhatsApp chatbot campaign with global influencer Jisoo - who has amassed 59.8 million followers on Instagram.

The campaign is designed to help promote the Dior Addict shine lipstick, and customers are invited to join Jisoo’s exclusive WhatsApp group where they can engage and converse with Jisoo’s chatbot.

Customers are invited to become part of the experience via @diorbeauty’s Instagram story, where Jisoo has offered followers the chance to join her ‘exclusive WhatsApp group’.

Arthur Poulain, digital innovation manager at Dior, said: “This campaign has pushed the boundaries of how luxury beauty and technology must collaborate to deliver innovative experiences across the channels we know our customers love.”



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