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Clinique applies digital content

By Retail Technology | Thursday May 12 2022 | UPDATED 11.05.22

Beauty and skincare brand Clinique has made digital content accessible through one of their products

Consumers buying a limited edition of Clinique's Moisture Surge 100H moisturiser can access a range of digital content through the product’s packaging.

Tapping a smartphone onto the jar enables purchasers to find out what dehydrators may be affecting their skin, get advice from Clinique’s experts plus take a selfie and then share with others.

The NFC enabled cream is available exclusively in Boots in the UK and in 35 markets globally and has driven high levels of customer engagement:


Users are spending 3min36sec in the connected experience, with 1min12sec spent in the Dehydrator Index Quiz.

In the first six weeks, the US saw a 19% engagement rate, and the UK saw a 33% engagement rate - the percentage of products sold that were engaged with at least once.

Clinique’s executive director of global retail experience Erin Burke said: “It not only provides added customer value but also vital data to pinpoint where the product is being used and how people emotionally engage with our mobile content.”

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