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selfologi nails online launch

By Retail Technology | Tuesday July 12 2022 | UPDATED 25.07.22

Online cosmetic treatment destination selfologi has successfully launched and is connecting consumers directly with specialist clinics and practitioners

A technology stack that could deliver agile content management was key to the success of the launch.

Amplience’s unified commerce experience platform, which includes Dynamic Content, Dynamic Media and Content Hub were deployed at the start to create a dynamic sitemap and frontend navigation allowing selfologi to shape its offer and soft-launch the site before its official go-live.

The company had the opportunity to grow its audience, generate leads, and build rankings in Google prior to launch six months later. 

Specified by systems integrator Grid Dynamics and working in tandem with CommerceTools and Algolia, Amplience powers the editorially-driven and educational selfologi platform. Images, videos and analytic workflows were quickly developed to create smart product pages delivering outstanding customer experiences.

Optimising customer experiences

Consumers reading an article on a specific treatment can select to read it in English or Arabic and then link to the relevant treatment from practitioners listed on the site before they make the booking. This functionality is enabled by the selfologi taxonomy which is modelled in Amplience. In this way, product and content is categorised consistently so they can be linked to create the experience.

Opting for a MACH (Microservices-based, API-first, Cloud-Native and Headless) approach has given selfologi the flexibility to iterate rapidly, with product deployments averaging twice weekly and enhancements such as ratings and reviews, new product page designs, and an improved checkout journey contributing to site performance. Since it went live, the brand is now appearing in millions of searches.

“We have developed our online brand quickly based on the structure of our site and how technically well-supported it is,” said Rob Pye, CEO at selfologi. “We got the technology choices right from day one, and Amplience helps us to be flexible. This is the key to building the right foundations for success and is driving triple digit rates across key ecommerce metrics.”