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BSH enhances D2C business

By Retail Technology | Tuesday August 2 2022

Home appliance maker BSH has added a new Content Experience Platform (CXP) to enhance its direct to consumer (D2C) business

BSH – home to the Bosch, Siemens and Neff brands – is replacing its current monolithic architecture with MACH-based solutions and deploying Contentstack’s headless CMS.

This will reduce time to market and improve the performance of a range of customer-facing digital experiences.

BSH will also overcome current dependencies between the components of the existing architecture, improving both scalability and flexibility.

“Our customers have an incredibly high demand for a range of digital touchpoints,” said Nils Bruesehaber, product owner at BSH Home Appliances Group. “As a result, we realised we need to evolve beyond our existing monolithic architecture to a set of agile, integrated functionalities that can be independently developed, deployed, and managed, but remain consistent.”

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