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Retail Technology

Retail self-scanning set to soar

By Retail Technology | Wednesday August 3 2022 | UPDATED 03.08.22

A new research report estimates that the number of stores offering mobile self-scanning globally will reach 160,000 by 2027, up from 46,000 in 2021 and 36,600 in 2020

Last year, 10,000 stores internationally began offering mobile self-scanning according to the report by RBR.

Alex Maple, who led RBR’s Mobile Self-Scanning and Checkout-Free 2022 research, said: “Mobile self-scanning is expected to expand strongly, to a more diverse range of retailers and to new geographies. Whether it is scanning items using a smartphone or a handheld retailer-provided device, reducing friction and enhancing the shopping experience remains a key aim”.



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