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Retail Technology

Retail chain The Bay and Hudson’s Bay will soon be using a new employee experience platform for internal comms

Once implemented, the Unily platform will aim to:

  • Align communications between corporate and store locations
  • Create unique, targeted experiences for associates depending on location and job role
  • Consolidate legacy platforms into a single, one-stop-shop solution
  • Become a single source of knowledge and information for all associates
  • Provide a social space for employees to come together digitally, enabling two-way conversations

“We’re pleased to partner with Unily to launch this new platform and elevate internal communications within The Bay,” said Brooke Ferguson, chief people experience officer at Hudson's Bay. “Unily’s platform is easy to access from any location, including mobile, which means we can provide real-time updates across the company, including to store leaders, in a really efficient and effective way.” 


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