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Tentsile elevates with iPaaS

By Retail Technology | Thursday January 12 2023

Tent brand Tentsile has enhanced customer experience and order fulfilment by harnessing its complex technology stack using integration platform as a service (iPaaS)

The company’s growth surged during the pandemic  but having an increasing number of apps to sync to enhance customer experience put its tech infrastructure under pressure to deliver.

Control over stock management was a key challenge, with only three out of its four warehouses integrated to the core systems globally. This meant that warehouses weren’t communicating with each other and with the platform to inform performance.

The retailer also had no integrated accounting software to track its financial performance, and its reliance on manual tasks was sapping time and resources which could be spent improving other areas of the business. Tentsile critically required a centralised ERP which would allow data to flow and be shared across its entire enterprise.


Patchworks was brought on board as an integration provider to seamlessly connect all of Tentsile’s systems for maximum efficiency. As part of this, they integrated Tentsile’s Shopify ecommerce platform with third party logistics (3PL) companies Shipbob and VDepot. Patchworks worked alongside DEAR Systems, that provided the ERP to centralise data and help Tentsile track its performance, as well as accounting software.

Now all Tentsile’s data is available to its entire business through one system, meaning different departments can work together cohesively. There’s been an overall increase in efficiency across the entire business, with automated reporting, and enhanced connectivity giving more streamlined communication between departments. This has enabled Tentsile to reduce the volume of email correspondence with warehouses by 95 percent thanks to increased automation and connectivity. During peak seasons, around 80-100 hours of labour were freed up, allowing the team to focus on other areas of the business.

Arran Dixon, GM at Tentsile, said: "By harnessing our data through a cohesive tech ecosystem, we’ve got absolute confidence in the speed and efficiency of placing and fulfilling orders, even in the busiest trading periods.”