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Avon announces LMS partnership

By Retail Technology | Tuesday March 19 2024 | UPDATED 18.03.24

Cosmetic company Avon is partnering with a learning management system to increase revenue, drive client retention rates, and enhance the performance of global sales reps

As a global entity, Avon approached Thrive with the challenge of creating one digital hub which would unify its millions of members – regardless of location, language, or culture – and align their learning culture. Thrive will be rolled out to millions of representatives, sales leaders, and zone managers across Avon’s brand in 33+ different countries from March 2024.

The platform will allow them to access a range of high-quality educational product resources, interactive training modules, and professional development courses, as well as being a hub for general company information including (but not limited to) new and existing product ranges. 

Sam Walpole, global head of training at Avon, said: “Our mission was to implement an easy-to-navigate system for each of our global representatives. As we cannot have all of our reps in one place physically, we looked to find a digital hub for everyone to turn to for important documents, resources, and company information. Using Thrive’s platform will allow us to create a unified business regardless of role and increase engagement and connection. We are very excited to get started and bring together our millions of reps from around the globe.”


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