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Migros partnership to bolster supply chain transparency

By Retail Technology | Wednesday March 20 2024

Swiss retailer Migros has announced a partnership with Kezzler to launch a new Supply Chain Data Marketplace

Kezzler’s Supply Chain Data Marketplace solution will provide a secure and centralised platform for businesses of all sizes to share and access valuable product and supply chain data. This data will be captured using EPCIS 2.0, the latest GS1 standard for electronic product information capture, which connects physical products to their digital representations.

Expected benefits include:

Enhanced Transparency: Migros and partners will gain real-time insights into product provenance, movement, and condition throughout the supply chain, fostering trust and brand reputation.

Improved Collaboration: Migros will share and collaborate on supply chain data seamlessly with partners and suppliers, streamlining processes and reducing friction.

Increased Efficiency: Migros will optimize logistics, reduce waste, and improve resource allocation with data-driven decision-making.

Reduced Costs: Migros will eliminate manual data entry and reconciliation, saving time and money.

Sustainable Practices: Migros will gain insights into the environmental impact of supply chains and make informed decisions towards sustainability.


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