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Tech strategy must embrace innovation

Published 09.02.24 by John Eustace, Retail Advisor
An open-door policy might help innovation results, argues retail advisor John Eustace

Heinz launches AI cookbook

Published 16.02.24 by Retail Technology
Food brand Heinz is aiming to bridge this gap between food and technology by launching the first recipe book that teaches AI (and humans too) how to cook

Lucy & Yak in AI partnership

Published 13.02.24 by Retail Technology
British clothing brand Lucy & Yak has announced a partnership with AI platform True Fit

L’Oreal lays down Lore

Published 21.02.24 by Retail Technology
Iconic beauty brand L’Oreal is is adding a new level to its shopping experience with AI digital assistant Lore

Jimmy’s Iced Coffee brews eco upgrade

Published 01.03.24 by Retail Technology
Refreshment brand Jimmy’s Iced Coffee has announced the successful completion of trials for utilising zero tree packaging cartons, now seamlessly integrated into their entire e-commerce product line

Driving increased customer experience and engagement

Published 06.03.24 by BT
The retail industry is undergoing significant transformation, driven by changes in consumer behaviour, technology, the ongoing cost-of-living crisis and the need to deliver on sustainability

AI, analytics and the smart store

Published 14.03.24 by BT
Andrew Quinton, Senior Manager at BT, 5G & IoT Solutions, outlines harnessing the power of AI and analytics to create a smart store

Migros partnership to bolster supply chain transparency

Published 20.03.24 by Retail Technology
Swiss retailer Migros has announced a partnership with Kezzler to launch a new Supply Chain Data Marketplace

Walmart partners for green garments

Published 22.03.24 by Retail Technology
Retail giant Walmart has announced a pilot project with unspun, a pioneering fashion tech company using the world’s first 3D weaving technology

Best Buy turns to generative AI

Published 15.04.24 by Retail Technology
US retailer Best Buy is partnering with Google Cloud and Accenture to use generative AI to improve customer experience
#Retail media

The Retail Media Revolution: How brands are unlocking new revenue streams

Published 03.04.24 by Daniel Groves
The retail industry has had a rough ride in the past few years. But startup growth specialist Daniel Groves agues that the advent of retail media networks will help them weather the storm

Panel considers AI impact on ecommerce

Published 25.03.24 by Retail Technology
Ecommerce operators convened in Manchester to discuss what AI means for the future of ecommerce.