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Co-op’s new cloud wallet service

Published 27.02.17 by Retail Technology
UK convenience store Co-op has announced a cloud-based wallet service for its new membership scheme

CASE STUDY: Localised planograms boost Co-op

Published 03.05.17 by Retail Technology
The East of England Co-operative Society - the UK’s fourth largest consumer cooperative – has increased availability and sales with localised planograms

Co-op increases supply chain insight

Published 02.07.18 by Retail Technology
UK convenience retailer Co-op has announced a new technology deal that will deliver daily supply chain insight

Co-op upgrades category management

Published 02.11.18 by Retail Technology
The Co-op Group (TCG) has deployed new software as part of its strategy to enhance category management at 2,500 food stores

Carlsberg refreshes product availability

Published 12.02.19 by Retail Technology
Brewer Carlsberg UK has improved its product availability for key retailer the Co-op with new technology

Co-op launches first online shop

Published 04.04.19 by Retail Technology
Convenience store operator Co-op has gone live with its first online grocery store

Co-op expands till-less tech trial

Published 31.07.19 by Retail Technology
Convenience store chain Co-op is extending its pay-in-aisle technology trial as cash continues to fall out of favour

Co-op explains retail transformation plans

Published 13.08.19 by Retail Technology
Convenience store chain Co-op has detailed the first stage of its Retail Business Transformation programme (RBT)

Co-op goes digital with membership app

Published 07.10.19 by Retail Technology
Co-op has launched a new app which digitalises membership deals, allowing customers to access exclusive, personalised offers and services on their smartphone
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Co-op Group selects HR software

Published 24.01.20 by Retail Technology
Co-op Group has selected a new managed service solution to support their HR systems

Co-op Group automates onboarding

Published 20.08.20 by Retail Technology
Grocery retailer Co-op Group has automated supplier on boarding for some of its suppliers

Co-op Group adds HR tech

Published 17.11.20 by Retail Technology
Convenience store operator Co-op Group has implemented new HR technology for its 60,000 employees