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H&M and Gap launches student mobile campaign

Published 24.10.13 by Retail Technology
Fashion retailers use verification app for student engagement and customer acquisition as part of campaign to drive footfall and increase store sales

Topshop and adidas top fashion tablet charts

Published 13.12.13 by Retail Technology
Digital marketing network ranks 10 of the UK's biggest online retailers' tablet websites, revealing the best and worst performers in the final run up to Christmas

Ensuring digital innovation delivers value for retailers

Published 16.06.14 by Retail Technology
Manufacturing marketer Natalie Cummins focuses on the blending of online and physical retail spaces and on how retailers can adopt a pragmatic approach to digital innovation

H&M enhances omnichannel offering

Published 08.10.18 by Retail Technology
Fashion retailer H&M has sealed a new payments solution partnership to enhance its omnichannel offering to consumers

Leading the way

Published 22.03.19 by Retail Technology
Creating a seamless omnichannel experience for consumers is essential, but what’s the secret to a successful strategy? It all comes down to leadership says Claire Stewart from Berwick Partners

H&M offers flexible payments

Published 13.09.19 by Retail Technology
Fashion retailer H&M is introducing new frictionless and flexible checkout for customers across all channels

H&M Group enhances in-store technology

Published 31.05.22 by Retail Technology
H&M Group is launching a new in-store technology-based shopping experience, as part of its wider aim to build “more relevant and meaningful relationships with consumers.”

H&M fashions new data platform

Published 04.07.22 by Retail Technology
Fashion retailer H&M has announced a new partnership to develop an enterprise data backbone for its business

H&M Thailand goes virtual

Published 21.09.22 by Retail Technology
Fashion retailer H&M Thailand has is implementing a virtual sitting solution

H&M enters the Metaverse

Published 22.12.22 by Retail Technology
Fashion retailer H&M is the latest company to experience with the Metaverse

H&M Williamsburg utilises holograms

Published 10.02.23 by Retail Technology
Clothing retailer H&M Williamsburg has installed hologram technology at its Move concept store in New York