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Retail Technology

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#Pets at Home

Pets at Home boosts loyalty programme

Published 01.07.14 by Retail Technology
The pet care retailer is going digital with its loyalty scheme and integrating its online and in-store experiences

Online furniture store goes omnichannel

Published 14.07.14 by Retail Technology
Furniture brand MADE.COM is extending its online presence to its showrooms through mobile digital interaction technology

Argos replaces catalogues with digital media

Published 21.07.14 by Retail Technology
The multichannel retailer has deployed an interactive in-store solution, based on digital signage technology, to make its in-store environment more dynamic
#digital signage

In-store entertainment: a driving force for retail

Published 12.08.14 by Retail Technology
Marketing specialist Darren Jackson examines the increasing rise of in-store theatre as a contributor to the shopping experience