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The six words that made IRCE 2017 memorable

Published 28.07.17 by Retail Technology
Andrew Busby, CEO of Retail Reflections and an IBM Futurist, gives his final thoughts on the Internet Retailer Conference & Exhibition 2017

Subway gets better connected

Published 01.09.22 by Retail Technology
Fast food chain Subway has chosen a new provider to supply broadband connectivity to its 2,000+ stores across the UK

IRX 2023: Convergence and omnichannel profitability

Published 17.05.23 by Miya Knights, Publisher
As the ecommerce sector gears up for its premier UK technology show, attendees must focus on both tactical and strategic trends and developments, writes Miya Knights, Retail Technology Publisher

IRX 2024: Working cheaper, faster and smarter

Published 10.05.24 by Miya Knights, Publisher
While AI will be a hot topic at the UK tech show, it also indicates an appetite for innovation that will shape the future of ecommerce, writes Miya Knights, Retail Technology magazine publisher