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Co-op upgrades category management

Published 02.11.18 by Retail Technology
The Co-op Group (TCG) has deployed new software as part of its strategy to enhance category management at 2,500 food stores

Wilko completes category management makeover

Published 23.07.19 by Retail Technology
Variety retailer Wilko has completed a roll-out of extensive category management solutions

Heineken expands digital supply chain partnership

Published 17.12.19 by Retail Technology
Global brewer Heineken has extended its partnership with its digital supply chain tech partner

M&S embarks on new workforce management strategy

Published 09.01.20 by Retail Technology
Marks & Spencer has begun a new technology-driven workforce management strategy with its more than 80,000 employees

Walmart implements workforce management software

Published 15.01.20 by Retail Technology
Walmart has implemented workforce management software to help improve scheduling accuracy