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#Abercrombie & Fitch

Abercrombie & Fitch improves supply chain visibility

Published 16.04.10 by Retail Technology
Leading apparel retailer implements supply chain visibility solution to improve vendor collaboration and proactively manage in-transit delivery issues

Arcadia Group chooses Oracle Retail

Published 27.03.14 by Retail Technology
Fashion retailer will use merchandising, planning and e-commerce management applications to optimise global operations and enhance its customer experience

Morrisons selects UC4 for Oracle Retail

Published 28.06.11 by Retail Technology
UK supermarket chain chooses automation engine to accelerate critical IT processes

Morrisons updates on IT automation

Published 02.07.13 by Retail Technology
Rebranded automation engine continues to enable supermarket retailer to run, build and transform it businesses
#Perry Ellis International

PEI gets personal with new software

Published 11.09.18 by Retail Technology
Global fashion house Perry Ellis International (PEI) has deployed new cloud personalisation software

Yamamay boosts insights and localisation

Published 07.11.18 by Retail Technology
Italian clothing brand Yamamay has deployed new software to enhance inventory insights and optimise margins
#The Prada Group

Prada remodels merchandising

Published 03.04.19 by Retail Technology
Luxury high-end fashion brand The Prada Group will adopt a new suite of software to boost merchandising across its core retail processes
#Banana Republic

Banana Republic’s new merchandising platform goes live

Published 02.05.19 by Retail Technology
The Gap-owned fashion retailer Banana Republic has gone live with a new merchandising cloud platform

Bealls ramps up digital transformation

Published 25.07.19 by Retail Technology
US clothing and homeware retailer Bealls is looking to digitally transform its operations with new software
#Office Depot Mexico

Office Depot Mexico adds merchandising tech

Published 01.08.19 by Retail Technology
Office Depot Mexico is implementing new merchandising software as part of its digital transformation strategy
#N Brown

N Brown migrates to the cloud

Published 13.02.20 by Retail Technology
Digital retailer N Brown is moving to the cloud to focus on delivering profitable digital growth
#De Beers

De Beers adds sparkle to in-store experience

Published 17.03.20 by Retail Technology
Luxury jewellers De Beers is adding new mobile point of service software to improve its in-store experience