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#Coop Denmark

COOP Denmark launches mobile payments

Published 06.09.16 by Retail Technology
Danish grocery chain COOP is rolling out mobile electronic payments across its entire chain

PayPal increases reach in China

Published 21.09.16 by Retail Technology
European merchants can now accept Chinese cards on PayPal in a deal which helps western sellers reach Chinese shoppers
#Mobile payments

Desktop sales still in fashion in UK

Published 21.09.16 by Retail Technology
UK online consumers are still more likely to buy fashion items on a desktop than a mobile

Visa's cool new payment option – shades

Published 15.03.17 by Retail Technology
Visa has unveiled new payment-enabled sunglasses in a new concept that no one saw coming

Starbucks opens mobile-only store

Published 05.04.17 by Retail Technology
Coffee powerhouse Starbucks is opening a dedicated mobile order and pay store at its Seattle headquarters
#Five Guys

Five Guys makes tasty payments upgrade

Published 06.04.17 by Retail Technology
Burger chain Five Guys has implemented an innovative multichannel payment system for international and multichannel growth
#Caffè Nero

Caffè Nero loyalty goes mobile

Published 11.04.17 by Retail Technology
Coffee chain Caffè Nero is launching a new app that will provide a digital version of the company’s iconic blue paper stamp card

PayPal extends Google partnership

Published 19.04.17 by Retail Technology
PayPal is extending its partnership with Google to make it easy for consumers to use PayPal as a payment method in Android Pay wherever Android Pay is accepted, in-store, in-app and online

Americans favour connected devices for purchases

Published 08.06.17 by Retail Technology
More than 80% of Americans have a strong interest in using connected devices to make purchases
#Canvas Holidays

Canvas camps across Europe with epayments

Published 02.08.17 by Retail Technology
Camping specialist Canvas Holidays has expanded across Europe with new epayments software

Walmart adds Express service to app

Published 29.08.17 by Retail Technology
Walmart has added a new service to its app that combines with in-store Express Lanes to help speed up customersÂ’ Money Services transactions

Cash no longer king?

Published 08.09.17 by Retail Technology
Raj Sond, general manager of payment solutions company First Data, looks at the demise of cash as research shows half of customers walk away if itÂ’s the only payment option