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Inefficient lighting risks £1.25bn retail loss

Published 26.08.13 by Retail Technology
New research has found up to 40% of retailers’ electricity bills is spent on inefficient lighting in their stores

Printing: cost-saving, convenient and compact

Published 30.10.13 by Retail Technology
Printer technology needs to provide cost-saving, convenient and compact service. Industry expert Jörk Schüßler evaluates recent developments maintaining and enhancing efficiency in retail printing

Wireless charging now available at Starbucks

Published 16.06.14 by Retail Technology
Starbucks has made wireless charging available to customers in the San Franciso Bay Area, with initial European and Asian pilots expected within the year
#Paddy Power

Paddy Power lifts the lid on 2010 data breach

Published 01.08.14 by Retail Technology
The betting firm contacted over half a million customers this week over a historical data breach traced back to an individual in Canada

Kids' resort upgrades to Wi-Fi-as-a-Service

Published 06.06.13 by Retail Technology
Nickelodeon Suites Resort wireless roll out enables high-performance connectivity for parents and kids' TVs and mobile devices

Eric van Otten creates dynamic eating zones

Published 12.09.22 by Retail Technology
Famous pastry chef and patisserie owner Eric van Otten established a new food concept that creates multiple atmospheric eating zones

Athleta debuts PowerMove

Published 19.02.24 by Retail Technology
Activewear Gap brand Athleta has launched a new collection that debuts its new innovative PowerMove fabric