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Articles tagged #PURPLE WIFI

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Public venue Wi-Fi compliance questioned

Published 25.11.13 by Retail Technology
Mobile communications provider claims the majority of venues are not providing legally compliant Wi-Fi, while offering its social sign-on offering as a solution

Survey: consumers likely to spend more in venues that offer WiFi

Published 13.06.14 by Retail Technology
Consumers are more likely to stay in a location longer and spend more money there if WiFi is available

Shopping centre pioneers social Wi-Fi

Published 10.12.13 by Retail Technology
Kingsgate in Huddersfield builds brand awareness and improves targeted marketing capabilities with new free Wi-Fi service that offers single social sign-on
#Stables Market Camden

Free WiFi for Camden market

Published 26.08.14 by Retail Technology
Stables Market Camden offers free WiFi to visitors while accessing network data such as footfall mapping