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Retail Technology

Articles tagged #QUINYX

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#Daniel Wellington

Timely new software for Daniel Wellington

Published 23.08.18 by Retail Technology
Global watch brand and retailer Daniel Wellington is implementing new workforce management software
#Thomas Sabo

Thomas Sabo enhances workforce management

Published 04.12.18 by Retail Technology
Premium jeweller Thomas Sabo is implementing a new workforce management platform

LÂ’Occitane looking good with workforce management

Published 16.04.19 by Retail Technology
Global beauty retailer LÂ’Occitane is implementing new workforce management software

COVID-19: What if your staff cannot work from home?

Published 27.03.20 by Retail Technology
If working from home isn’t viable for your retail business, how do you keep your workers safe throughout the COVID-19 crisis? Erik Fjellborg, CEO and Founder of Quinyx, gives his thoughts