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Articles tagged #RELEX

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#JJ Food Service

Catering supplier is UK's first with new ERP

Published 03.06.13 by Retail Technology
JJ Food Service is first in the UK to sign up new supply chain software company to extend existing system functionality
#JJ Food Service

JJ Food Service shares rapid roll out success

Published 11.10.13 by Retail Technology
Early gains with latest supply chain technology to hit UK shores attracts a wide variety of retailers to hear first UK user share its initial implementation experiences

Booths picks new supply chain system

Published 31.01.14 by Retail Technology
Regional supermarket chain plans to boost fresh produce replenishment and promotions as the first UK retailer to take on supply chain development software
#Media Markt

Media Markt optimises supply chain

Published 25.04.17 by Retail Technology
Swedish home electronics retailer Media Markt is optimising its supply chain processes to cut inventory and boost availability

CASE STUDY: Localised planograms boost Co-op

Published 03.05.17 by Retail Technology
The East of England Co-operative Society - the UK’s fourth largest consumer cooperative – has increased availability and sales with localised planograms

Wolseley selects space planning software

Published 09.05.17 by Retail Technology
Plumbing and building materials supplier Wolseley has chosen new planning software as part of its strategy to improve customer service and efficiencies
#Majestic Wine

Majestic to implement new supply chain software

Published 22.05.17 by Retail Technology
UK wine retailer Majestic Wine is to roll out new supply chain software

Kicks gets supply chain makeover

Published 09.02.18 by Retail Technology
Swedish cosmetics retailer Kicks has chosen new supply chain management software as part of a complete makeover of supply chain operations

Costa Express brews replenishment upgrade

Published 10.03.22 by Retail Technology
Costa Express, Costa Coffee’s chain of on-the-go self-service machines, has been benefitting from new replenishment and inventory software

Homebase automates supply chain

Published 06.04.22 by Retail Technology
Home and garden retailer Homebase has selected a new partner to automate and optimise supply chain processes

One Stop improves stock forecasts

Published 03.05.22 by Retail Technology
UK convenience retailer One Stop has benefited from more accurate stock forecast and higher availability with new stock forecasting technology