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As the squeeze on spending tightens, can AI unlock retail success?

Published 10.05.22 by Retail Technology
Retail Express’ CEO, Barry Grange, looks at retail digital transformation, intelligent merchandising and a data-driven approach to profitability with leaner times ahead

The inflation game

Published 21.07.22 by Retail Technology
How can technology help retailers manage the Impact of inflation? Retail Express’ UKI General Manager Ed Betts considers the challenges faced by retailers as the financial situation worsens, and how merchandising software can maintain profit margins.

The Golden Quarter: Planning for profit with intelligent merchandising

Published 26.09.22 by Retail Technology
Retail Express’ UKI general manager, Ed Betts, explains how AI-driven retail management can help retailers navigate the busiest shopping period in a year of unprecedented challenges

Availability Vs inventory: One plan to rule them all

Published 29.08.23 by Ed Betts, Retail Express
Ed Betts, General Manager - Retail Lead Europe at Retail Express, considers theimportance of a central planning platform and AI-driven forecasting to ensure seasonal event success.

Negotiating for growth

Published 25.06.24 by Retail Technology
Retail Express’ Ed Betts reveals how retailers can use algorithmic tools to refine the negotiation process and use it as a springboard for pinpoint planning, product innovation, and future profit growth