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Retail Technology

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UK pubs must make ‘digital shift’

Published 20.08.13 by Retail Technology
New report finds a failure to meet or exceed 'Gen Y' demands for e-marketing and free Wi-Fi from local boozers

The Returns Opportunity

Published 27.02.20 by Retail Technology
As the retail industry comes out of another stressful returns period, can there really be anything positive to come of it? Tim Hay-Edie of Virtualstock says yes


Published 16.02.21 by Manhattan Associates
Many grocers & retailers are struggling to turn a profit from online deliveries, so what is the answer? Help may be at hand in the form of micro-fulfilment centres says Manhattan Associates

Small retailers plan tech splurge

Published 03.01.24 by Retail Technology
The UK’s small retailers plan to invest in new technology in the year ahead as part of strategies to drive business growth and improve customer experience, according to research from American Express