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Waitrose rolls out parking app

Published 26.04.22 by Retail Technology
Supermarket chain Waitrose has introduced a new parking app at 14 of its UK car parks

Asda chooses omnichannel partners

Published 24.05.22 by Retail Technology
Supermarket giant Asda has announced new partnerships aimed at enhancing its omnichannel offering

Aldi Nord goes cashierless

Published 19.07.22 by Retail Technology
Supermarket giant Aldi Nord’s store in the Dutch city of Utrecht is going cashierless

Aldi cuts fleet emissions

Published 17.08.22 by Retail Technology
Supermarket Aldi has adopted low-carbon fuel vehicles to cut emissions by over 90%

Waitrose launches Pinterest campaign

Published 19.08.22 by Retail Technology
Supermarket Waitrose has launched a new campaign on social media platform Pinterest showcasing its colourful variety in food choices for this year’s summer dishes

Asda adds planning and optimisation software

Published 29.09.22 by Retail Technology
Supermarket giant Asda has chosen new planning and optimisation software to transform its in-house transport operations

Muffato launches Brazil’s first automated store

Published 04.11.22 by Retail Technology
Brazilian supermarket chain Muffato has launched its first automated store – Muffato Go

Asda enhances systems backup & restore

Published 10.11.22 by Retail Technology
Supermarket giant Asda has added a new backup and restore solution to protect against downtime

Countdown returns to AR

Published 23.11.22 by Retail Technology
New Zealand supermarket chain Countdown is launching its third augmented reality (AR) campaign

Albert scrubs up with robotics

Published 09.12.22 by Retail Technology
Czech supermarket chain Albert has deployed over 40 autonomous scrubbers

Waitrose extends supply chain partnership

Published 27.03.23 by Retail Technology
Supermarket giant Waitrose has signed an extension with its supply chain partner of 25 years

Kroger adds smart screens

Published 02.06.23 by Retail Technology
US supermarket Kroger will add 500 smart screens to stores across the US