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Articles tagged #SUPPLIERS

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#Marc Cain

Marc Cain goes live with TXT

Published 05.04.13 by Retail Technology
Fashion retailer selects one system to integrate production and global suppliers and use vertically integrated resources more effectively

Debenhams improves supply chain compliance

Published 03.02.14 by Retail Technology
Multichannel department store appoints supply chain procurement systems specialist to improve supplier visibility and vendor management

The Musgrave Group simplifies supply chain

Published 01.08.13 by Retail Technology
Supply chain software investment extended to help enable “any product to any site” initiative of Londis and Budgens owner
#John Lewis

John Lewis selects Virtualstock

Published 16.03.17 by Retail Technology
Omnichannel retailer John Lewis has chosen a software partner to develop its Supplier Direct Channel

Heineken refreshes supplier collaboration

Published 30.06.21 by Retail Technology
Beer giant Heineken has selected a new supplier collaboration and innovation platform