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Asian fashion retailer tracks instore behaviour

Published 11.03.14 by Retail Technology
Dynamic traffic intelligence helps major regional brand owner FJ Benjamin to gain visibility of customer behaviour and increase store conversion rates

Asda reveals item-level RFID pilot

Published 16.01.14 by Retail Technology
One of the UK's largest supermarkets selects RFID-based inventory visibility application to pilot at store level with its own-brand fashion clothing range

RFID in retail validated in new study

Published 11.04.17 by Retail Technology
New research validates the use of RFID to combat inventory distortion and increase inventory accuracy and visibility

Asda battles shrinkage in real-time

Published 15.10.18 by Retail Technology
Asda has turned to shrink-management-as-a-service to achieve enhanced shrink visibility with real-time intelligence in the cloud