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BLOG: Fulfilling potential in 2021

Published 23.02.21 by Ed Bradley, co-founder Virtualstock
Ecommerce has been brought forward by at least a decade as a result of the pandemic. This has transformed supply chains and logistics functions and has forced retailers to evolve so that they are more flexible and agile to meet the surge in online demand.


Published 14.05.21 by Retail Technology
In the last 12 months, the unprecedented rise in ecommerce sales saw many retailers turn to dropship. But what is next for dropship in an age of increasing click-and-collect? Virtualstock founder Ed Bradley explains all

Lindex goes virtual

Published 28.05.21 by Retail Technology
Apparel retailer Lindex has launched new virtual fashion shows to boost the add-to-cart click rate for its summer collection

Jo Malone unveils CGI shopping

Published 07.06.21 by Retail Technology
Cosmetics brand Jo Malone London has invited consumers to discover a mobile-first retail experience as part of its Virtual Townhouse