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Articles tagged #WAGESTREAM

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Roadchef driving new wages platform

Published 18.03.19 by Retail Technology
Motorway service area chain Roadchef is providing employees with access to flexible income with a new wages platform

Roadchef serves up new wages platform

Published 18.09.19 by Retail Technology
Motorway service restaurant chain Roadchef has implemented a new income streaming platform to give employees early access to pay

Fullers gives staff financial control

Published 01.06.20 by Retail Technology
Pub and hotel business Fullers is using new finance technology to enable team members to draw up to 30% of earned wages in advance

Halfords improves financial wellbeing

Published 14.09.21 by Retail Technology
Automotive and cycling products retailer Halfords has announced a new partnership to improve the financial resilience and overall wellbeing of its workforce