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Retail Technology

Online spending service for children boosts music publishing e-commerce framework to attract responsible youth sales

Secure youth payment service developer, Virtual Piggy, has announced it is providing its youth-friendly payment system to Digital Stores.

Digital Stores provides e-commerce services for EMI and Universal Music Group and is a leading UK direct-to-fan e-commerce site for artists, labels and brands. It operates over 60 e-commerce stores, including the official global e-commerce site for One Direction, the official music store for Kylie and the official European store for the Beatles

Promoting responsible e-purchasing for under-21s

The Virtual Piggy integration will allow parents to set up a monthly allowance for their children. It is designed promotes financial management while empowering youth under 21 to make purchasing, saving and other money management decisions for themselves, within the boundaries set up by parents.

“Online e-commerce is, as we all know, impacting classical High Street stores, as we have already seen several times this year. However, unless online merchants can successfully tap into the youth market, e-commerce could actually exclude young consumers. For Digital Stores, this is a major consumer group”, said Russel Coultart, chief executive of Digital Stores. “Virtual Piggy offers us a complete solution to youth monetisation and we are very excited to integrate their technology.