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Danone latest brand to test m-coupons

By Retail Technology | Tuesday April 2 2013

Shopitize mobile coupon platform enables grocery brand giant to offer direct-to-consumer cashback service for increased interaction and insight

French food and drink company Danone recently revealed it is working with mobile shopping insights and cashback company Shopitize to trial mobile couponing.

Danone is now offering cashback on some of its biggest-selling grocery brands, including Activia, Actimel and Danio yoghurt, via the Shopitize money-saving app.

Game-changing direct interaction

"Shopitize's mobile couponing service has the potential to change the way that brands can interact with consumers and get deep insights into the world of savvy grocery shopping,"stated Joel Kirstein, Danone digital brand and customer relationship (CRM) manager.

"With this lifestyle app and service, we have the ability to connect with consumers at the point of purchase at a time when smartphone usage is seeing dramatic growth."

Retail Technology magazine first covered Shopitize when its co-founders, Irina Pafomova and Alexey Andriyanenko, pitched to an audience of international investors as part of the US-UK Financing Innovation Conference held during the London 2012 Olympic games (July/August 2012 issue , p37 Innovations).

Expanding after successful trials

After trials with a select group of smartphone-owning shoppers, the Shopitize app is now open to the general public and can be downloaded for free by iPhone and Android smartphone users in the UK. The company said over 15,000 shoppers from across the UK trialled the money-saving app over the past three months, saving as much as 80% on the RRP of featured products in the process.

Now Danone has become the latest big-name brand to sign up for the brand-to-consumer mobile cashback couponing service and provide an instant way to reward shoppers and gain insight into their behavioural shopping.

Shopitize added that its 15,000-strong user base will expand to 100,000 users by May 2013 and that the service currently offers over 50 deals from some of the biggest brands in the country, like General Mills, Kellogg's, Philadelphia with Cadbury and United Biscuits, as well as several niche players, including Aunt Bessie's and Little Dish.

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