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Metro Group updates data warehouse analytics

By Retail Technology | Wednesday April 17 2013

Europe’s third largest retailer extends investment in Teradata Analytical Ecosystem to answers long-term data management growth demands

German-based Metro Group has upgraded its database-driven analytic environment with new capabilities from its existing analytic data hardware, software and services provider Teradata.

By extending and modernising its analytical infrastructure, the retailer is continuing to build out its enterprise information system strategy across the business. In recent years Metro Group has implemented many important new applications to accommodate a growing community of enterprise data warehouse (EDW) users across more than 30 countries in Europe, Asia and Africa. 

Meanwhile, growing data volumes and more complex demands by users have required a more expansive, integrated system. The new Teradata Analytical Ecosystem investment is geared toward optimising integration of the provider’s portfolio to deliver analytics and greater insight. And its newest addition, Teradata Unity, is designed to synchronise and unify the environment.
Providing high flexibility

Metro Group compared several vendor approaches during a proof-of-concept trial period, which was won by Teradata. The new environment brings together the provider’s different platforms according to individual requirements, where data sets can be stored and analysed in the best-qualified platform. This secures high availability of the data for all users in the organisation and optimised workload management ensures that results of analyses are at hand within the shortest period of time.
“Successful management of an international retailing company requires continuously updated and detailed information, as well as the ability to conduct complex analyses quickly,” said Dr. Dirk Töpfer, managing director of Metro Systems. “With the Analytical Ecosystem from Teradata, we are extremely well-prepared to fulfil this role.”
Crucial information analysis 
The retailer’s sales brands make intensive use of the enterprise data warehouse in more than 30 countries in Europe, Asia and Africa, in order to gain valuable business insights in sales management, category management, store operations, supply chain intelligence and customer relationship management (CRM).
In addition, the company has taken on Teradata’s CRM system in more than 20 countries. Using Teradata Relationship Manager, Metro Group also manages analyses marketing activities across different venues and markets. This enables the company, for instance, to immediately recognise how successful a campaign has been or how attractive particular product segments are for specifically targeted customer groups. With its repositories of detailed data assets continuously growing, the data mining tools within the system can make ever-more precise analytic predictions on a broader scale.
The Metro Group Teradata Ecosystem includes a large Active Enterprise Data Warehouse and a Teradata Data Warehouse Appliance. It also includes the Teradata CRM application portfolio, as well as the Teradata Extreme Data Appliance, which is used for compliance applications. By interconnecting these systems, Teradata said requests can be co-ordinated across different platforms and datasets can be moved seamlessly according to fresh requirements.

The ecosystem will also provide the base for future enhancements as demands on the analytical infrastructure continue to increase, with the ability to add new platforms for high scalability.

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