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My Westfield app launches personalised experience

By Retail Technology | Friday June 28 2013

Shopping centre operator partners with tech developer to bring shoppers and retailers closer with relevant shopping content

Westfield UK today announced that a brand new mobile app is to be launched using proprietary autograph technology from nFluence Media.

The UK shopping centre is claiming to be first using the technology that allows personalised shopping content to be delivered on a smartphone directly to shoppers’ that are most likely to respond. 

The new My Westfield app, which will be available initially on the iOS platform and available for free from the app store from 28 June, allows Westfield shoppers to control a far richer and more accurate picture of their preferences through non-intrusive and relevant engagement using an ‘autograph,’ a platform developed by Seattle-based tech company nFluence Media. 

Building rapid user profiles

Using the new My Westfield app and the nFluence autograph technology platform, to “swoting” brands – up for like, down for dislike – and within 30 seconds the new Westfield app is able to generate a customer profile containing over 600 interests, 2,000 brand affinities and 84 demographics of that user based upon their choices. “Swoting” is a new term for swiping and voting in one action.

After providing their preferences, the customer profile is presented back to the shopper, helping to build trust, users then willingly refine their interests. The customer profile contains no personal information, just brand affinities, interests and preferences, and remains completely transparent and under the control of the shopper at all times. 

Responding to mobile demand

Content such as fashion events, cinema listings, offers, new product lines and new Westfield store openings are then collated according to the user’s customer profile. Customers can also express their like or dislike on any piece of content served, allowing them to continually refine their customer profile. 

Myf Ryan, general manager marketing, UK and Europe, stated: “With the explosion of smartphone sales and our customer’s desire to utilise their mobile while shopping in our centres, this is an important launch to meet shoppers’ future needs and truly personalise the shopping experience. Westfield is firmly focused on developing innovative multichannel technology solutions to drive sales and footfall for our retailors.”

The current Westfield mobile app has proven popular with shoppers with over 340,000 downloads to date, 57,000 total users per month and 18 minutes average time per user.

Last year, the shopping centre operator also debuted some cutting-edge interactive store technology, hosting a digital fashion event.

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