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Annoushka finds hidden personalisation gem

By Retail Technology | Wednesday July 17 2013

Website testing to improve customer experience increases conversion by over one third for designer jewellery retailer

Launched in 2009 Annoushka is a fine jewellery collection created by Annoushka Ducas sold instore and online.

Always looking at new ways to enhance customer experience, Annoushka works with Peerius to ensure that the online shopping experience is tailored to individual customers’ needs and, importantly, drives sales.

The company found people were buying one item of high value online. In its boutique stores sales consultants have an understanding of customers’ favourite gems and styles and can up and cross sell to increase each total sale. 

Improving online conversion rates

While the boutique stores were performing well, Annoushka felt that its e-commerce offering could be doing to replicate this conversion performance online.
 “We felt we could do a lot better online,” says John Ayton, Annoushka director. “And while we had tried several tweaks, we knew the time had come to find a personalisation partner who could help us realise our e-commerce ambitions.”

Finding it difficult to differentiate between vendors, Annoushka threw down a challenge to two of them – conducting A/B split tests over a three-month period.

As the winner Peerius outperformed the second place vendor with 7.6% uplift in revenue. Working closely with Annoushka, it developed an on-page merchandising strategy that ensured products were best placed to achieve maximum return – and that strategy is under constant review.

Delivering quality customers expect

“We sell a high quality product and all our suppliers need to be high quality, hence the test,” explained Ayton. In terms of performance, Peerius was the clear winner and this, coupled with its standing as the main player in the UK made our decision an easy one. It clearly delivers the sort of quality we seek and which our customers expect.”

As a result, 22% of Annoushka’s revenue is now generated by the e-commerce software provider’s SMART-recs product recommendation engine, average order value has increased by 27% and conversion rates are up by 36.7%. A stretching roadmap was also drawn up to deploy SMART-content, SMART-media and offsite personalisation.

Ayton concluded: “The results speak for themselves. Peerius has delivered against every metric and more. This is a partner I can trust to play a key role in transforming the performance of our e-commerce channel.”

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