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ACHICA optimises customer experience

By Retail Technology | Tuesday September 10 2013

Web optimisation tools helps members-only luxury lifestyle store secure 3.22% increase in conversions by offering PayPal

ACHICA, the luxury online lifestyle store, has implemented Webtrends Optimize to improve online conversions by optimising the customer experience and, more specifically, the payment page by testing the success of offering PayPal.

The members-only etailer wanted to offer PayPal as an additional payment option to improve conversion rates but was concerned by the additional premium on sales. ACHICA needed to ensure the uplift would be high enough to cover the incurring costs and deliver a return on investment (ROI).

Granular web tracking requirements

ACHICA selected Webtrends for its Optimize A/B and multivariate (MVT) testing and targeting platform to not only track conversions on its site but also the order value, payment method and visitor behaviour by device, country and browser. The vendor delivered a managed service to ensure the retailer's long-term optimisation strategy is executed in line with growth expectations.

Webtrends carried out a series of tests on the payments page to establish the net effect on transactions by offering the option to pay using PayPal. During the testing period, existing debit and credit payments continued to be available, but the introduction of a PayPal button was placed in full view. The result saw PayPal used for 29.1% of all transactions and the number of overall transactions increased by 3.22%. Mobile users responded even more positively with a slightly larger uplift in transactions at 3.63%.

This work revealed different customer segments and insights from data captured on attributes such as location, device, browser and payment method. Testing found conversion rates were higher for both UK and non-UK visitors, however the increase was significantly higher for non-UK visitors (7.88% as opposed to 2.95%).

Looking ahead to personalisation

ACHICA has plans to use more segment discovery to identify specific members and deliver personalised and targeted content as the company continues to build on its already flourishing membership base.

“ACHICA follows a flash sales model and there are critical points in the journey that can result in customer abandonment,” commented Adam Constantine, head of insight and analytics at ACHICA. “Not only did we want to maximise conversions but also create a clean and simple experience for our users from the point of registration, all the way through to purchasing.

"Using Optimize, we have access to valuable insight into how our customer’s experiences online can be improved and, in turn, this can ultimately help to drive sales. Working with Webtrends has enabled us to move one step closer to achieving the optimum customer experience for our members. The capabilities of Optimize are vast and we’ve only touched the surface with the tests we’ve conducted so far with the help of Webtrends. We look forward to building on our relationship with Webtrends and excited for what the future holds.”

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